Our Official NYE Safety Guide
We know your New Year's Eve is going to get crazy! But remember, safety first!

New Year's Eve is all about drinking, dancing, and living it up with your loved ones- we get it. But as much as we want you to have fun- we also want you to be safe! New Year's Eve can get hectic and the parties can get out of control, so here's a few tips to ensure that you have a fun filled but safe night!


1. Drink Responsibly

Alcohol is a guilty pleasure on New Year's Eve, whether it be the champagne toast at midnight or the vodka shots to celebrate the New Year. Remember to always drink responsibly. This means try to keep track of how many drinks you have so as no to overdue it. Don't mix too many different kinds of liquors. Tequila shot with a Jack Daniel's chaser... no thank you. And never leave your drinking down somewhere unattended. We like to see the best in people- but let's face it, there are still sketchy people out there. They say the creeps come out at night- especially New Year's Eve night. 



2. Have a car service number handy

Public transportation can be a mess during the holiday. Not only are the trains and buses filled with drunk people trying to make it to the next party but routes can be switched, delays can occur, and transportation could stop running all together. If you don't want public transpiration ruining your fun and safety, then we recommend having a reliable car service number handy. Download the app GETTI  for a guaranteed ride. 



3.  Travel in groups

The more the merrier! Traveling with a group of people is not only safer, but it's more fun too! Gather your friends and head out to your favorite parties together. Make sure no one from your group gets left behind and party the night away. Hey, more people means more dance partners too!





4. Always have a plan, and a back up plan

Ok so the party you decided to go to end up being a total bust. The music is terrible, the drinks are weak, and the crowd is just not your type of people. Well the good thing about New Year's Eve is that there's always another party to crash! Always have a Plan B party ready just in case your first party doesn't go too well. And try to find parties in the same neighborhood so you won't have to travel too far either. 


5. Ladies, don't forget your flats!

You don't want to be that girl stumbling out of the club barefoot and drunk. Hey, we've all been there. But this New Year's Eve let's be more prepared. While those killer heels look absolutley fabulous with your outfit, they may not be the most comfortable in footwear. So carry a small pair of flats in your purse to switch into at the end of the night. Check out these foldable ones from CitySlips