Celebrate Your Sexiest New Year's Eve Ever at the Hudson Hotel!
Welcome 2014 with a bang!

Still searching for a classy way to ring in the New Year with great friends, gorgeous scenery, and even better cocktails?  Look no further than the Hudson Hotel, just a stone's throw away from Columbus Circle.  With its sleek design and Gatsby –reminiscent green lights, the Hudson Hotel of the Morgans Hotel Group is a pillar of style and a long standing pinnacle of elegance in New York City’s competitive nightlife arena.

Music for the evening will be artfully choreographed by Timaso and the five hour premium open bar will entertain the majority of your time at Henry, A Liquor Bar, Hudson’s newest addition to its already impressive repertoire of bars that includes the Hudson Lodge, Sky Terrace, and Library Bar.

So break out the hot outfit you bought yourself searching for a holiday gift for your mom and join us as we jauntily cheer for the greatest words in the English language: open bar.  This year, celebrate with enough grace, libations and panache to set 2014 on fire.