Pandora Grammy Awards After-Party brought to you by StubHub
Are you still listening?


Another Grammy Night has come and gone, and with it the slew of victors dash into the limelight while the rest of the nominees head back to their other indicators of massive success. But The Grammy’s are about so much more than a statuette on your mantle. They’re an opportunity for artists, industry, and fans alike to wax poetic about who won, who should have won, and why the whole thing is just a big f*** up anyway. And, while you’re doing that, why not do so with champagne in hand? Bubbly and gossip flowed in droves this Sunday night at the Pandora Grammy Awards After-Party brought to you by StubHub, at CREATE Nightclub, all to the thumping beats of Adrian Lux’s SICK live DJ set…. And yes, dear reader, Joonbug was there.

            In this new world of every Joe Instagram with a Twitter account defining themselves as a “digital tastemaker,” I think at times that we forget how genius Pandora really is. Their Music Genome Project was the first real method of digitally tracking key similarities in music in order to expose audiences to new tracks that may be love at first listen. And they did it for free.  This is a company that recognizes that trends come and go, but there is a science behind it that begs study. Therefore it is no surprise that Pandora should throw such an event and bring together an eclectic group of individuals on a night where everyone has an opinion.

            Let’s talk party. If you’ve been to CREATE before, particularly on a busy weekend in Hollyweird, then you know the definition of “s***show.” But this was not that night, all thanks to Pandora and Stubhub. GA guests and VIPs alike were treated to butler passed h’ors d’ouevres inside the club’s primary ballroom. Adrian Lux, a stroke-tastic light show, and enough explosive confetti from the ceiling to ruin everybody’s drink only added to the electric feeling coursing through the venue. But even with all that, the dance floor wasn’t packed. The real magic was outside in the industry-only hosted-bar VIP bonanza on CREATE’s gorgeous back patio. There, beautiful lanterns lit beautiful people lit by beautiful music in a massive schmoozefest rich in everyone’s opinions.

            The topics at hand? We don’t believe a single moment went by without a spirited conversation about Macklemore vs. Kendrick Lamar. So too were the conversations heavy in the language of YouTube, and whether these cover artists are merely copycats or artists in their own right. It’s the beauty of the business. Everyone has an opinion and there is no true rubric of success. But that’s where Pandora saves.  All parties represented, we chatted with Lance Bass about his favorite albums of the year (Great Big World’s Is Anybody Out There, Lorde’s Pure Heroine, and Macklemore’s The Heist) and then spoke to YouTube phenom Tyler Ward about the online video platforms contributions to the industry, of which there are many (deal with it). So thank you, Pandora. Thank you for reminding us, in theory and in practice, that the music biz is forever changing, but the science of sound will outlive us all.