Revival Returns On February 8th With Special Guest DJ Akalepse
February 8th one of the hippest parties in NYC, Revival, returns with special guest DJ Akalepse

After kicking off 2014 with a bang last month, the Revival party returns on February 8th with special guest DJ Akalepse along with esteemed residents Rich Medina and PQ.  The Revival party takes place every second Saturday at Freecandy, an old car wash that's been converted into a hidden-gem of an art gallery and event space in Brooklyn.

For those tired of big room clubs and just want to listen to great music, dance and meet amazing people, there is no better party in NYC than Revival at Freecandy. The venue is simply amazing, the walls are covered with pop art by in-house artist Malcolm A Davis II and the intimate size of the rooms allow guests to get up close and personal with each other as they dance to the beat of NY’s dopest DJ’s. Some of the incredible DJ’s that have hopped on the decks at Revival include names such as DJ Spinna, Tony Touch, Peter Rosenberg, Cosmo Baker, Stretch Armstrong, DJ Soul and Sake 1.

This Saturday the special guest DJ will be Akalepse. Akelpse has worked hard to make a name for himself as one of the best DJ’s in NYC. Coming up as a Battle DJ, Lepse would eventually become tour DJ for PMD. When he moved to Brooklyn, Lepse became known for pushing his classic mixtapes such as “Eviva", which was so amazing it landed him a residency at former NY hotspot APT.

So basically, if you’re tired of hearing the same Top 40 music at the club, with the same predictable crowd, the Revival party at Freecandy is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Doors open at 10PM with $10 general admission fee. $5 with RSVP before 11.