Welcome to SLAKE!
Joonbug takes a tour of the venue and chats with owner, Tom Ballinger.


If you’ve grown tired of NYC’s uptight elitist club scene, SLAKE nightclub is the breath of fresh air you’ve been seeking. The definition of the word slake is, “to quench or satisfy an urge,” and that’s just what this unique spot does for you. Located in Midtown, and boasting one of the most distinctive layouts and posh décor in Manhattan, SLAKE makes quite the statement. This venue is a labyrinth of excitement, with something new and unexpected around every corner.

For those of you who enjoy good music and a fun, sexy atmosphere, SLAKE is calling your name. At any given time you can dance like crazy to your favorite EDM tune, and then scurry on upstairs to rock out to the classics. Get up and rage in elevated cages, or chill out on a comfy lounge couch; no matter what you are feeling, this place has everything to suit your clubbing needs.

We sat down with SLAKE’s owner Tom Ballinger, who expressed the message and ideas behind the nightclub. Ballinger’s family owns the Webster Hall venue as well, and he’s grown accustomed to managing and operating club life.

What sets this place apart from the other NYC clubs around here?

There seems to be an over-saturation of bottle club elitism and I’ve found that people don’t want to be judged. They want to be able to talk and dance without having to know a promoter or someone at an expensive table.

What makes SLAKE so unique?

SLAKE pays homage to the “Old New York” adventure. It’s a lot of fun. It’s a gritty, sexy throwback, which is becoming harder and harder to find in this city. In 2013 alone a bunch of those cool spots like MotorCity and Max Fish have been taken down and replaced with banks or FroYo places. We want to keep the dream alive.

What kind of crowd does SLAKE attract?

It attracts a very eclectic crowd. We find the people here to be extremely diverse. In the venue we have 3 different rooms. One can be featuring live underground electro music, while the other is featuring top 40 throwback dance music, and the last jamming out to Rock N’ Roll. The Rock N’ Roll aspect is possibly my favorite, simply because Manhattan is lacking in that department.

Can you tell me more about the décor?

Well, a lot of it came from ideas that I had. One room is painted with huge murals of street art. We brought in Ben Angotti and Andre Trenier to help us there. We actually had El Nino Pinturas come all the way from Grenada to participate, and we held an art competition right in the venue. Upstairs in the “Rock room” we have a prison-esque theme going on. The walls are decorated with old Russian prison tattoos and there’s even a place you can have your mugshot taken. We decorated with huge chandeliers, red walls, and cages to dance in. We wanted to capture that old sexy New York feel, and I think we nailed it. 

Interested? Come see it for yourself. The club features events every Friday and Saturday. So whether you show up for MORE Fridays or Technoir Saturdays, this place is sure to slake all of your desires.