Model Mayhem
Another reason for stick thin, skinny mini’s to cavort and discuss dietary supplements.

Trendy Soho eatery Delicatessen will be unveiling its latest venture. No, it’s not a new item on the menu or a drink special- it’s a models only lounge in the basement. Which sounds about right, there’s no need to tempt hungry models with platters of greasy food… best to keep them below deck.

Don’t think any one of us plain Jane’s will be getting in to play with the leggy ladies. You must prove you are a model to descend down the Delicatessen stairs. So how does one prove they are a model? Perhaps catwalk it down Prince Street; and vogue!And if that’s not enough, well you can just take it to the curb like an American Idol reject; maybe next year?!

Don’t worry; you’re probably not missing out on much. Unless watching models stand, sugarless gum, and diet cokes are your thing.