The Boom Boom Room Throws a Star-Studded Party
Madonna and Jesus lock arms with club owner

Yes, the new rooftop bar in the Standard Hotel, the Boom Boom Room, is the hottest club in downtown New York. To make sure everyone is aware of that, owner Andre Balazs threw a private grand opening party worthy of comparison to the best fashion ball or Jay-Z after-party.

This past Saturday, the currently VIP-only bar hosted the event. The Standard hasn’t hired anyone to run the door yet, but it should happen shortly. So get that cocktail dress ready—The impressive guest list included Demi and Ashton, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, and Kirsten Dunst, among many others.

With guests like Madonna, Jude, and Lindsay in attendance there was a fair bit of coverage on the event. Huffpost, along with almost every other blog on the planet, have all the juicy details. (DBTH even called the new venue a game changer). It seems like just about every celeb in the city made an appearance for the opener, and famed photographer Patrick McMullan called it an opening reminiscent of Studio 54.

The fancy new palace in the sky is fitted with smoking terraces floored with crystal-clear, oddly thin glass 18 stories up, so watch out for vertigo if you’ve had a few drinks. These enclaves surround a magnificent central bar with tables hidden inside nooks and crannies. All this is enclosed with floor-to-ceiling glass windows—reminiscent of the rainbow room— including the bathrooms, so be careful if you’re a little shy of heights.

Now that the Meatpacking District has two rising stars, I’ll just have to start my nights at the Jane, and work my way up to staring back down at it from 18 flights up.