Boom Boom Pow
Boom Boom Room takes matters into their own hands

Will I Am and the other Black Eyed Peas must have known what was coming to New York. Boom Boom Pow. That’s the sound of whispers and gossip flying around New York city since the launch of the new Boom Boom Room in the Standard Hotel. As the dust settles around what has been billed as possibly the greatest launch since Studio 54, the question remains – what can we expect?  Not only from Andre Balazs’ new project, but also for the future of the New York nightlife.

Undoubtedly, the Boom Boom Room has been met with great furor. The names of current clientele is long and distinguished, an awe-inspiring mix of fashionistas, celebrities, and New York trend setters. Yet what can one expect from the new kid on the block? What is the price of entrance? Over the past decade, entrance to clubs has been decided primarily on one premise – the size of ones…. Ahem, wad…. How many bottles can you afford to pay for? How many hopelessly irrelevant models can you bring with you to make the space more attractive? It seemed that gone were the days when bar designers were paid to do any real form of creating. Decadent, crazy and far-fetched gave way to meticulous usage of real estate. How many tables can one put in a 10,000 square ft building? The question should be, and it seems that Andre Balazs has asked this of himself and his design team – how can I create the most attractive and entertaining environment to spend a night of eating and drinking?

Moving back to the point. Boom Boom Room, the Jane Hotel, the highly anticipated Provocateur, all these new bars and clubs are appearing in hotels. By doing so, club owners, restaurateurs and hoteliers are changing the face of New York’s night life. Now promotion will almost be inherent in the name of the hotel. You don’t care if it’s called Plunge, Ono or Provocateur. It’s in the Gansevoort hotel, and you will immediately infer something from this.

The Standard has come under fire lately due to their ‘bare-all’ devil-may-care attitude. Guests have been encouraged to strip down, taking full advantage of the floor to ceiling windows to be a bit more risqué. Whether this is to your taste or not, know one thing; a bar opens up called the Boom Boom Room, in a hotel that has a mischievous attitude towards social boundaries. Don’t then turn up and be shocked and appalled by the existence of a triangular shaped Jacuzzi, situated in the middle of the bar.

Basing a bar in a hotel has its pros and cons. The hotels reputation will (at first) sift out the bottle and table generation, with the focus being on individual service and maintaining the aura of the venue. However, it may simply be that the promoter army will start turning up brandishing hotel keys and demanding entrance. Can the hotel afford to turn them down? This remains to be seen.

What is nice to hear is that all promotion for the Boom Boom Room will be handled in-house. Disappearing hopefully are the times when all it took was somebody who knew somebody who knew somebody, and you were suddenly on somebody’s list. In a city like New York, there are a lot of somebody’s. Entrance will be (for now) restricted to a reservation system. You want in? Wait your turn. Such a ruthless attitude for a bar may be the answer we’ve all been looking for.

Is Andre Balazs so three thousand and eight, with promoters and table service offers so two thousand and late? Only time will tell.

I sincerely hope so.