Kimberly Hotel's New Rooftop Lounge Opens
Take a peek from Upstairs on Kimberly Hotel's rooftop.

Have you ever watched a scene in movie when a character takes an elevator up to the top floor and steps out onto a rooftop overlooking a breathtaking Manhattan skyline? I have, and I've always wondered, where exactly are they? Well, now I know: they're in places like this.

Upstairs is a picturesque little lounge perched atop Midtown's Kimberly Hotel. You might be thinking, well, that's nice for the summer, but not now, amidst all this rain. But the people of Upstairs have thought of everything and constructed a retractable roof for such occasions. And, if it's a bit chilly, you can stroll by the fire or seek respite in the closed library nook (with its own bar).