Chet Settin': Where You Need To Be This Weekend
Time To Finish Off The Week!

And what a week it has been.  The Joonbug office here in New York is bustling as the event staff gets ready for PROM Class of 2010, our adult version of the momentous occasion in all our lives.  Our Events Director, Staci and our PR Manager, Paige have really outdone themselves and we are looking forward to a spectacular night this Saturday  at Espace on 42nd Street, just off of Times Square.  I would love for all my little Joonbugs from Miami to be in attendance, but keeping with the theme of sophistication and formality, my choices for you this week will be all velvety and top notch.  Aren't they always?

Chet's Pick Of The Week:

Highlighted as a posh and enigmatic Miami classic, LIV combines beat with glitter and glitz in a circular design that leaves no one backed into a corner. Everyone is out to see and be seen! A star-studded lineup of "I Spy" celebrities include the many faces and outfits of Brittany Spears overshadowed by the paparazzi-induced celebrity style of Paris Hilton and the Kardashian sisters. Opened in 2008, LIV serves as the rowdy venue for the Miami jetsetter, maintaining a rotating list of tabloid notables all the while keeping a close eye on who is in and who is out. The velvet rope is the barrier between two dimensions and those who don't dress the part are left outside while the screaming lights and heart-thumping Miami sounds dominate the inner paradigm.

Housed in an impressive 30,000 space, LIV personifies the charm of its host, The Fontainebleau, and specializes in dynamic aerial views from each of the three full-service bars manned by the freest pourers in town. The ornate décor and the high-vaulted ceilings accentuate the dueling stages which host some of Miami's hottest new artists as well as serving as the backdrop for special events and rotating DJ's spinning beats from pop to house. Whether a guest at the historic hotel or a reveler in search of South Beach's hottest catches, LIV will certainly transform a day seaside into a metaphor of style and sophistication.

I suggest you leave the ATM card at home and bring the AmEx.  You will need the limitlessness of the card to fully enjoy your night at LIV.  Nothing is cheap.  And I suggest you don't look cheap either.

Where To Go:

Perched high over the lapping breakers of Biscayne Bay, The Viceroy Hotel's exclusive Club 50 is a new hotbed for celebrity sightings as well as a luxurious oasis for Miami locals and tourists alike.  Situated on the hotel's rooftop pavilion, The Viceroy's nightlife paradise offers a spectacular atmosphere complete with floor-to-ceiling windows in beautifully crafted dining rooms as well as in the iconic restrooms.  Internationally renowned chef Michael Psilakis and conceptual interior architect Kelly Wearstler have created a perfect marriage of Mediterranean fare and design.  Fifty stories above the bustling streets of Miami, Club 50 demands a sophisticated wardrobe tagged with designer labels for a night of poolside cocktails while ogling over the hottest looks and trends.

Whether Club 50 is the destination of choice for pre-dinner cocktails or for dancing till sun up on the Atlantic horizon, the simple Asian elegance of the private pool and lounge is a stunning backdrop for a relaxing evening every week Tuesday through Saturday.  From mid-evening until midnight, guests are invited to enjoy a world-famous wine tasting until 8:00 p.m. followed by a rotating selection of renowned jazz bands illustrative of The Viceroy's elegant motif.  Open until 3:00 a.m. on the weekends, Club 50 features spicy DJ's with internationally acclaimed portfolios infused with Miami's hottest sounds.  Serving Downtown's elite, The Viceroy's signature aerial nightclub serves as a unique venue for intimate gatherings as well as large-scale events.

Where To Eat:

In the essence of a traditional Italian Villa, Miami's Casa Tua provides tri-fold pampered luxury complete with hotel, restaurant and nightclub.  As is traditional, Italians pride themselves in treating their guests like family and Casa Tua is no exception.  As guests approach the Tuscan style façade, native foliage and secluded staterooms greet travelers with simple, yet elegant charm and character.  The hotel manifests itself into a world-famous oasis with rooms starting at upwards of $400 per night depending upon season and type of suite.  For the deep-pocketed traveler, Casa Tua can easily embrace you in simplistic style while adjoining Miami fashion with Old World charisma.

Under the dimly lit sophistication of Casa Tua ornate, yet humble nightclub, notables such as Priscilla Presley and George Hamilton cascade through the open, family-style lounge while chatting up the finest bartenders this side of the Mediterranean.  Unlike the glitzy glam of many of Miami's hottest spots, the simplistic charm and appeal of Casa Tua's own nightclub gives guests a place to getaway from the pounding beats of modern Miami and transforms them back into a simpler time.

What To Wear:

Ok, so listen.  I usually go for a designer or label or two to give you guys for part of my weekend tip.  Let's make things a little interesting this week.  Tweet your pics of what you think looks good @JoonbugMiami so I can see what you think looks good.  Maybe I'll make a best/worst dressed list on Monday....who knows...

That's a wrap my little Joonbugs in flight!  I can't wait to see how your weekends end up being.  I know my PROM night will be simply amazing and I wish you all could come up for the event.  But, until then...

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