Chet Settin': What Happened Over The Weekend
Joonbug Goes To Prom

Good morning my West Coast Joonbugs.  I hope the late spring warmth is greeting you as you wake up.  I have so many stories to tell you from this weekend, I just don't know where to start.  So, as you may have heard, Joonbug and Fashion Indie hosted PROM Class of 2010 this past Saturday night at Espace in Midtown Manhattan.  It was lovely to see everyone reminisce about their own high school proms, and I was surprised to see the guest's take on "adult" prom outfits.  There were some best dressed, and as my column is not meant to attack or antagonize (we'll leave that to our Almost Famous writers), I will digress and leave out the worst dressed.  I have highlights so I can keep you in the loop about what's going on over here in The Big Apple.

My Pick Of The Night:

DJ Lindsay Luv!  Indescribably glamorous, Lindsay is my pick of the night for many reasons.  Looking absolutely divine in her off the shoulder black dress and sparkly silver chain, Lindsay rocked it out with her signature fuchsia lipstick and lit up the red carpet.  Sorry guys, she's taken.  This newly bi-coastal DJ is heading to LA for most of the summer to DJ the wild Saturday pool parties at The Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood each week.  I expect you all to be there to support my favorite DJ and give her all the Joonbug love I have for her here in New York!  Can't wait to see you in LA!

A Tribute To My Fellow Blogger-Extraordinaire :

Micah Jesse!  How could there be an event in New York, and certainly a Joonbug event, without your radiant presence? As one of our hosts, Micah owned the red carpet in a suit of sophistication!  I can't wait to read MicahJesse.com for the dish on what was what at Prom and I expect all of you to check out his pictures on the Joonbug site.

The evening was a smashing success and I wish you all could have been there.  But, as you know, in this virtual world of minute-to-minute blogging, we can bring each other the scoop in a heartbeat and feel like we are a part of every moment. 

Have a great week and I'll see you this weekend!

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