Kirill Takes Over Cannes

[Photo: Kirill, DJ Mateo, DJ Sinatra, Hayden Panettiere]

Kirill Bichutsky has captured one-of-a kind, inimitable moments at NYC hot spots such as The Eldridge, SL, Marquee,, Juliet, RDVGoldbar, and any other place you can dare think of. NY is not just the only area that has tasted the brilliance of Kirill Was Here. He has changed the lives of party animals in LA, Miami, Boston, and DC with one push of a button.

However, this was not enough for the flashing phenom. It was time to take action and move international. Kirill broke borders and made his way across the ocean. He headed down to the south of France where he invaded the one and only, Cannes Film Festival.

You know Kirill made himself right at home as he brought the cam out to the parties to make the French people and the American visitors feel some NY nightlife that he brought with him.

To check out the shots from Kirill's Invasion of Cannes, click here. You can also visit kirillwashere.com to see the other nights you missed out on.