The World Cup is Over, But the party doesn't stop at Pachas World Cup Victory Party!
Soccer Fans cheer up! The World Cup is Over, but you can still party for Spain's Victory!

For months people anticipated the 2010 South Africa World Cup and just like that it has already ended.  Thirty days flew by quickly as avid soccer fans watched and cheered for their countries hoping for a victory.  But in the end Spain was victorious and became the champions of the 2010 World Cup. Fans piled in bars to watch the World Cup and no one cared if they were squeezed in like sardines.  But now that the World Cup is over, what will soccer fans do?

Don’t fret just yet because there has to be a victory party for Spain. Right?

Attention soccer fans; come to Pacha this Friday, July 16th for a World Cup victory party.  There will be featured music by Brazil’s own Marcos Carnaval along with djs representing the last 16 nations in the World Cup.  Don’t miss out on this World Cup Victory Party!


* Free admission before midnight – Doors open at 10 P.M