Gary Spencer Talks Nightlife
Director of Hospitality for Royale Marketing will begin weekly column on nightlife and interviews with top personalities

Joonbug.com welcomes Gary Spencer to the team.  Gary will be writing a weekly column on nightlife and style.  Stay tuned to Joonbug.com for his first column, next week!  Check out some of Gary's favorite New York City nightlife venues, what he likes to eat, and who he'd like to tote around in his pocket for a day.


What are some of your favorite NYC hot spots?

Well - Food wise I like The Grey Dog for Breakfast and Brunch - ABC Kitchen for Lunch and for Dinner depends on mood and if or not I want food, atmosphere or both - Love The Spotted Pig, Spice Market, Boutique Eat Shop, Haveli on 2nd Avenue for a proper English Curry. Or sometimes something simple and quick like Hummus Place.  In nightlife I really like what they do at The Standard Hotel - Le Bain, Boom Boom, and of course The Empire Hotel Rooftop - I'm more comfortable in lounges and hotel spots than big huge clubs where you can't have a conversation as well as enjoy the music and vibe.

What is your greatest accomplishment to date. And why?

Ooooh - now there's a question - there have been a few both personal and professional. In the Nightlife scene I think hosting Princess Diana at The Hippodrome in London, and working for Peter Stringfellow  taught me so much about nightlife.  And in modeling I think seeing myself on billboards in New York City, because as a child never thought I would ever get to see America let alone be able to endorse products in such an amazing city as New York.

If you could carry one person around in your pocket all day who would it be?

Hahaha - My bank manager !!! - seriously - er - I don't think I'd like to carry anyone around in my pocket - I would hope that they would just enjoy being beside me and enjoy the company.

If you were in a taxi what would you talk to the cabbie about?

Directions!  I love New York - But one thing the drivers could learn here is how to get from A to B - Really - 90% of the streets are numbers- how hard can it be? Then after that I like talking to cabbies about where they are from originally I've had so many great converstaions with cabbies here about that. 

Who would you say is your fashion icon?

Tom Ford and Kate Moss.