Gary Spencer: Traversing Fashion Week
Work - Party - Work - Party - Work - Party - Sleep !

Hi Joonbuggers!

A quick welcome to my new weekly column (and that was it if you missed it) and now lets get down to business.

And business it was last week especially for all the stores that participated in Fashion's Night Out, but more of that in a minute, first I want to talk about the sharp end of fashion week, the shows. I kicked off this season by taking a strut down to West Broadway to check out the new collection from Prince Peter, that cheeky little character talent who seems always to hang with the hippest and best looking people on the planet. As usual his show was full of great looking things draped in his designs and the liquor was free-flowing and plentiful which was a result for me because I then got a chance to eat it off by going in to see my old mate Kevin, the Maitre D at Balthazar which was, needless to say, filled to the brim as usual .

Thursday I was with Royale at some kick off the parties and a fantastic bash at the Empire Rooftop.  I know I may be a little biased in this area, but I have to say the rooftop has had a great summer season this year and fashion week seemed a fitting end to the season. The whole week there was choker block with celebrities and fashionista's who took the short hop over from Lincoln Center, to enjoy the festivities al fresca, the highlight of the week at Empire Rooftop was probably the star-studded IMG party.

Pier 59 Studios did a wonderful job this season and hosted nine shows in all.  I was lucky enough to get an invite along to two of them, where armed with my trusty new camera and a bacon sandwich I snapped away at the A DETACHER show where Maggie Gyllenhaal was in attendance and the next day was treated to Victoria Bartlett who was keeping the Brit flag flying with a very inspiring collection.

This really was the show to be at that day, not least because I got a chance to look over at iconic photographer Patrick Demarchelier who was front and center checking out Victorias frocks, or the models, both got a ten out of ten in my book.

Talking of books, have you read The Big Short?  Wasn't it great? I digress, back to fashion week and my favorite event of the whole week which was Fashion's Night Out, you probably know that this started just last year but already thanks mainly to the driving force that is Anna Wintour this has become a global event and nobody does it better than New York City .

I planned a military style assault from 14th Street up to Bloomingdales, but I have to admit I never left 14th.

First stop was Alexander McQueen (where else?) and the place was rocking. I have to say Patrick Duffy and the Boutique Eat Shop gang really were fantastic at hosting hospitality here and also at Stella McCartney's store - so I switched between the two, for an hour, well all night actually, and it really was a fun time.Just as I was about to call it a night I bumped into Dustin Cappelletto owner of Kenmare Street hotspot, Travertine who invited me and the gang to check out his new lounge X1X. It would have been rude not to  so a pit stop there was needed before I fell over exhausted.

I really do think that Fashion's Night Out has the best vibe of the year on the streets, there is a real togetherness of people having a good time, freely walking into stores that they might normally be intimidated by and for the economy, spending money that wouldnt normally be spent. Im sure that FNO will just get bigger and better each year. 

Tuesday kicked off early with an invite from Christian Alexander, the PR mastermind who was launching new magazine The Dirty Durty Diary over at Milk Studios. Christian was his normal charming self and immediately introduced me to mag Editor Maya Contreras who was a pleasure to hang with and really has a great new artful magazine on her hands. I predict big success for this one, so look out for it.  Then it was on to the Mulberry party hosted by SoHo House . The ever-so-hot band Florence and The Machine cranked out their stuff as I drank rose-infused cocktails and talked nonsense with my great friend Kevin Carrigan from Calvin Klein. Kevin's designs have done wonders for CK over the years and after a quick laugh and a joke he introduced me to the head of Mulberry, Emma Hill, who asked me if I was enjoying myself.  I think I sorta let her down when I replied "well it's great to see Kevin."  But enjoying myself I was along with Jade Jagger and Kelly Osbourne to name a couple, not that they are a couple, but you know what I mean.  Anyway, the swimming pool was transformed into a lilly pond.  Between that and the Mulberry "bag" there was never ending points of conversation.

And that took me right back to Thursday where we closed Fashion Week with another very lively bash at The Empire Rooftop .

Next week I will be interviewing someone who is a bit special in New York,  and bringing you more style and nightlife, so turn up and tune in