Gary Spencer: The Man Who Would Be King
And how to be absolutely fabulous when your absolutely knackered !

Hello again Joonbuggers!

Ok before we go any further, I have a confession to make, fashion week knocked me out.  This past week the only thing I've been dancing with is the flu bug.  In fact, the only reason I left the house at all was solely so I could bring you this weeks news! 

Oh and something else, I may as well get all these out the way - I promised to interview someone special in New York this week.  Well I did, but I didn't interview the person I had set out to, so I have got someone else who's a bit special instead - not that you would know the difference, since you didn't know who my original guest was ;-).  But anyway, I'll keep that one for a column in the near future, when he gets out of bed, or has finished at the nail salon or whatever else he does when he's ignoring my calls!

Where was I?  Oh yeah, what I did this past week, well as usual I was my normal charming self up at the Empire Rooftop this past Thursday night.  Have u been? (quick plug ) and on Friday I scooted all around the City to check out  the up and coming "hotspots."  Let me tell ya, I was very impressed with a few of them.

The new W Hotel down near Ground Zero really looks the part. The W very rarely gets it wrong with location or decor and once again they seem to have come up with a winner deep into financial district territory.  Yes it may be slow down there at the moment, but the guys at W are no fools, and you know that this area will rise again along with the hotel and I can’t wait to have an event there soon.

Next on my list was my old haunt Macao Trading. I love the restaurant upstairs, but the space in the basement is really cool and cozy, and with the same owners as Employees Only you know that when you order a drink, it’s going to taste spot-on!

The Smyth down in Tribeca was my next spot.  I’m always interested to see what these guys are up to, and why not? They have brought us such winners as 60 Thompson and Indochine, so it would be rude not to go say hi, and once again they have done a sterling job.  I’m not sure they are as boutique as I see boutique, but they do have a feel for class and customer service, so yes The Smyth will fit very nicely into the portfolio that is Thompson Hotels.


Uptown now, to The Ava rooftop on West 55th Street.  The Empire Rooftop holds a special place in my heart obviously, but I have to admit the roof at Ava is really beautiful, It is so quaint, like a little village lawn in the English countryside. There are still a few mild evenings left, so go check out Ava.

And that was really it for the hopping around this week, now for my special guest, - this column is meant to be all about Style and Nightlife, and someone who knows all about both, and who can sing as well - is Joseph King, the front man of Deadbeat Darling that new, red hot band from downtown. Joseph and the boys are just off to do a whistle stop tour of London, but before they left I wanted to ask Joseph five questions in five minutes -

GS - Hi Joseph, Deadbeat Darling are really hot right now, you guys have just had two songs on the hit TV Show Jersey Shore, how are you all reacting to the interest, and what is the next step?

JK - Well we have been working our asses off for the last couple of years, so its nice to see it finally coming together , we are really looking forward to the London tour and then after that getting back to New York playing CMJ and then set about finishing the new record,

GS – I’ve seen you perform a bunch of times, your frontman style is very distinctive, but above all that, I can’ help noticing, the girls really dig you?

JK – Haha! Thank you, I hope so, that’s the point, why do you think I started doing this in the first place? - I'd be shit out of luck otherwise!

GS - Weight Of Wandering was the title of the first Album – what’s the working title of the second album, and how’s that coming along?

JK - Oh man - finding a title for a song or a record is one of the hardest processes for me, and I've been playing around with a few for the new record and the one that keeps coming back to me is - Acts Of Violent Kindness - and the demos are sounding great, we are in pre production right now and we should have a new record out by next spring -

GS - You being the front man of DD obviously think that you are the coolest and best dressed in the band - so who in your mind is the worst dressed and why ?

JK - Wow - Hmm - Ya know when Mo (guitarist) wears that black T-shirt he wears , he looks like a frumpy housewife , and then there's Sanjay our bass player who when he gets that conservative look going he wouldn't look out of place in an office, and when Evan our drummer pulls out that blue and gold western number he has , well .....he certainly wins - but in all honesty I stole a little bit from all of them - so I guess that makes me the worse dressed in the band - hahaha

GS - Last Question - One night only - hotel room - Angelina Jolie or Giselle and why?

JK - Wow - this is easy really - Angelina Jolie, because I’m sort of submissive at heart, and I think she would take the reigns!

Incidentally Deadbeat Darling will next be appearing in New York at the CMJ music festival and then have two very special shows coming up in November which I will keep you posted about .

So until next week - keep safe, till then

Cheers !