Gary Spencer: The (Video) Diary Gets Durty With Christian Alexander!
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Hey Joonbuggers!

Lots to tell you about my past week out and about in the City, not least my candid chat with old friend Christian Alexander when he and I met up at the beautiful, relatively new, Trump SoHo down on Spring Street, but much more of that later.

A little bit chilly it may be, but that didn't stop myself and many others showing up at the new Hotel Gansevoort on Park Avenue to check out that small budget film about that fledgling website Facebook. Yep, I’m sure that site will do well eventually once a few more people find out about it, but until it catches on they have released a film all about how it came together, now unless you have been living on a remote island somewhere, of course you already know all about this, and the premier party held last Wednesday by the Cinema Society was well attended with the likes of Justin Timberlake and Helena Christensen.

I like JT's role in the film, actually I like a lot about Justin Timberlake in general. He seems to have a good take on celebrity life and is not afraid to take on new and challenging projects out of his comfort zone.  I wish him well in his acting career.  In the film Timberlake plays Sean Parker. I bumped into Sean a couple of years ago. Wow, this man is so intelligent , I really had to up my game that night , haha, anyway we became Facebook friends, why not, seemed logical and it's always handy to have the former President of the company at hand when you can't figure out how to tag a photo!

The Boutique Eat Shop on West 22nd, is a big favorite place of mine to eat and have a drink, I popped by there this week to see Patrick Duffy who has done a fantastic job putting together such a cool vibe. BES has just started Jazz on a Sunday evening so I popped over there to check it out. As like most of Mr. Duffy's work, Boutique Eat Shop and the new Jazz night, will be a long term success!! I will be doing an Interview with Patrick in a few weeks time and I’m sure he will explain far more eloquently than I can how it all came together.

Anyway, where were we?  Oh yeah , have you seen the new Marshall's TV Commercial ?

I don’t think I've mentioned it, have I?

Oh, Anyway, If you haven't seen the new Marshall's TV Commercial, you should do, that’s all I’m saying, because the boots in the commercial are REALLY good, and worth buying a pair, and seeing as this is also meant to be a style column, I feel that I wouldn't be doing my job properly If I didn't let you know about such great boots that are currently showing on a TV near you.

Over at the Empire Rooftop this past Thursday and Saturday there were once again smiling happy people enjoying the view and dancing up a storm!

Like I said earlier , it got a bit chilly, but the rooftops are still buzzing at night and The Empire, along with Ava were just as busy as they always are, and people always seem to have a great time at both hotspots.

So now onto my chat with Christian Alexander.  Christian is a master of nightlife, not only in New York, but in most major Cities around the world. When I want to throw a great party Christian is always one of the first people on my invitation list. Currently he is masterminding the fabulous new magazine Dirty Durty Diary, and when he isn't taking Prince to Kenmare and Le Bain, he sits with me and tells me all about it! This man was born to entertain and entertain me he did when we met up for my 5 Questions in 5 Minutes.

GS - You are known for throwing the best parties all over New York, how and when did it all start?

CA - i Started back in the 80's, ya know, I was sending out the flyer on a Friday afternoon at High School and charge $2 for a party in my basement, charge a dollar a for a beer and wake up with $100 in my pocket and I’d go blow it! I was a kid, Ya know it was fun, I’d put a red light up, hire a DJ and that was it, it was a lot of fun.

GS - Why do you think people love to be at your parties and events?

CA - For me I find it an honor to serve people, and you gotta give what you would expect to receive. I've always been motivated and Inspired by the music, my uncle played with Rick James, my aunt with Minnie Ripperton, when Minnie was in a doo wop group. That was the original Amy Winehouse shit on Chess Records. Ya Know when you host a party or event you are painting a picture, creating a landscape, sculpting the atmosphere. I love a really sexy atmosphere, there’s something right about beautiful women, great music and good spirits. Theres so much going on, not just parties but concerts, everything, its all about the experience.

GS - You have just launched the new art magazine Dirty Durty Diary - I love it - tell me more about that?

CA - I'm really focused on that right now, The Dirty Durty Diary is a Bi Annual Book, Im really proud of that. Art, Film, Music Fashion, we just released the first Issue with Larry Clark on the cover with Tiffany Limos, Calvin Klein doing Interviews, Marc Jacobs talking movies, ya know there is so much in it, it's a real New York book, its an art book.

GS - Sometimes when people describe you, they say, Oh, the guy with the tattoos, and you have many, what are they all about?

CA - It's just something that I go through, ya know when I step away from everything that’s my little art collection. It’s just like my thing. I think its also become a fetish too, ya know the whole process with the needle and everything. I think they probably tell a story, but a lot of them are just random thoughts. A few of then maybe really dumb, ( laughs ) , but I don't think a tattoo should be really perfect.

GS - Finally, if you had to come back again would you come back as Christian or someone else?

CA - I'd come back as Serge Gainsbourg , yeah definitely Serge Gainsbourg or Jimi Hendrix , I just wouldn't do dope, ya know what I mean!

I really enjoyed my chat with Christian and next week I will be talking more, with someone new.

Till then

Be safe

Cheers !