The Iconic Brand Throws One Hell of a Bash

As I approached the doors of the Gansevoort Park Ave for The Swatch's NewGents Collection launch party, I immediately notice a mob of people at the check-in.  Realizing that the event is only a half hour in and taking a quick glance at the line, I think to myself that this will either be a snooze fest or a total sweatbox. But to my surprise it was neither.  It was sexy and well-executed. 

The event was hosted by Nikki Reed of Twilight.  Now embarrassingly enough, I had no idea who this girl was, but was later informed that she was the mean vampire sister from the first film of the series.  To be honest, she looked much better as a dead person.  She had dark hair, which I'm sure earlier in the evening was styled, and then some strange dress that reminded me of an ice skater's outfit. And unless your name is Sasha Cohen, no grown woman should be wearing that.

I took a turn about the room and made sure to grab a drink at each of the three bars.  That had to be hands-down the best feature of the event.  There was none of that awful elbowing and people complaining about being skipped or having to get two drinks at a time to avoid waiting in the long line again.  I noticed fashionisto Richie Rich chilling with his crew.  I was shocked later to see Chris Brown make an appearance.  He caused quite a frenzy when he walked in.  It was almost impossible to see him due to the cluster of arms extended in the air attached to iPhones and Blackberry's.  So instead of hustling to get a pic, I decided to concentrate my efforts on finding a waitress with a tray in hand.  The food was on point except for some dry chicken on a stick concoction.  But they had mini burgers, which in my eyes can do no wrong.   

Tunes were by DJs Caitlin Moe and Mia Moretti who played an awesome assortment of house, pop and old school hip-hop.  My jaw almost hit the floor when I heard 'Ol Dirty Bastards' Brooklyn Zoo.  The crowd was a mix, from all to obviouslyUpper East Siders to hipsters and models, but the common bond was everyone was there to have a good time.  

The party started to empty out around 10:00, so before I started to feel the urge to dance on tables, I made sure to grab my goodie bag, which to my happiness had one of the NewGents watches inside.  And it was in the exact color that I wanted, white.  Well bowled Swatch!