Club Space and It's Colossal Return
Iconic Club Space re-opens with the same DJ who launched the first party.

If you have yet to attend an evening, night, morning, and afternoon (yes, afternoon) at Louis Puig's Club Space in the heart of downtown Miami, it can be summarized in two words -- an experience! The club, which originally opened it's doors in March of 2000 during Winter Music Conference, has acquired quite the reputation as the #1 dance club in the US. Boasting an undescribeable multi-level and rooftop venue with guest appearances by legendary DJ's Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, John Digweed, and Tiësto, the club has secured it's position as a mandatory "to-do" for visitors and locals alike. Over the summer, rumors circulated that Club Space was closing for unconfirmed reasons. Die hard fans invaded the club for the club's epic closing party and left Club Space to hibernate until further news. Word of mouth later brought news to light that the club was only closing for a short while for renovations. 

Well, the inhabitants of Club Space have been thoroughly anticipating the re-opening of their "dance sanctuary", and that time has come. Club Space will be re-opening on October 9th with the same gentleman who played the very first Space party, progressive-house DJ & Producer Danny Tenaglia. The re-opening will be somewhat of a homecoming for the world renown DJ who played a record breaking 20 hour set back in 2000 when the club first opened. The relaunch of the club and the return of a dance music icon to his home sounds like a promising evening (I mean -- day) at Club Space, expect to be stumbling out of the venue around 2PM. I suggest comftorable shoes, a pair of shades (for sunrise via the Space Terrace) and plenty of rest, because every party at Club Space is an epic party. The return of the Techno Loft with resident DJ's Maurizio + Danyelino, Dsan  Powell, and Juan Rojas as well as DJ Radamas & EFX in the new Space Ballroom is only confirmation that this is going to be quite the event. A typed word description of Club Space is very limited in comparison to the experience itself as the energy of the club is intense. Any nightlife/nightclub fan would highly recommend your attendance.

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