Hennessy Artistry Tour 2010
The World's Favorite Cognac and Musical Talents The Roots and Q-Tip are Rocking NYC This Thursday


The bus stops here, as The Roots, Q-Tip and other surprise guests will be performing Thursday, October 14th at Cipriani Wall Street for their final show on Hennessy's Artistry Tour 2010.  This exclusive concert series is a blend of art, music and culture and of course mucho amounts of the world's number one selling cognac, Hennessey. The tour is in it's fifth year and has made just a slight change to the program called Artistry GIVES.  It's a partnership with America for the Arts that (AFTA) supports emerging arts and artistry education.  The spectacle will also feature some specially designed labels for the emblamatic V.S bottle created by emerging talent that were hand-picked by The Roots and Q-tip, that will later be auctioned for charity.  

What I'm looking forward to most is playing around with the Hennessy Artistry Music Mixer which will be a full blown DJ mixing station.  I will undoubtedly embarrass myself with my mediocre DJ skills but will have fun in the process and will probably be tipsy and not give a damn anyway. Fortunately I will be able to practice later alone in the dark wit the app available for my favorite price free.99 at Apple's App store.  I can make a mean playlist but it would be great to learn how to blend songs together so I can avoid that awkward silence between songs at my next house gathering.   

Unfortunately it's an invite only type of deal, but Joonbug readers, have no fear you can watch the performance live at hennessyartistry.com and be sure to check back on Joonbug.com for my review of what I'm sure will be a wonderful event.