DJ Martial Spins The Rivington Right Round
Celeb DJ spins at Joonbug's Halloween Party at THOR
On Halloween Eve, DJ Martial will be spinning the celebrity-filled Rivington Hotel at one of Joonbug's hottest parties.  Check out what makes DJ Martial tick...
If you could carry one person around in your pocket all day, who would it be?

Well, I'm pretty crazy. And I have a crazy best friend who lives in Los Angeles. I've known him for 17 years, so if I had him in my pocket all day, I'd be dead right now! But I'd have to say my brother. He's older than me, and has three kids, but he took me to a rave in 1993 or 1994, and right after that I asked my mom to get me turntables. It would have to be him; he went from this partier to a straight up dork. I'd want to show him how crazy my life is. 

Is there anyone in your past that told you that you weren't going to make it--that you'd "coincidentally" like to run into on the street so you could fill them in on your past few years?

A lot of people from my high school [who I have lost touch with]. I remember in, like, 1997 having parties in my basement and spinning for all my friends, playing "Push It" by Salt n Pepa and shit. People hit me up on Facebook all the time, now, 15 years later, saying, "It's great to see your success with DJing." If you gave me a black eye back in the day and hit me up now, I'd tell you to come out and see me and party. I'm older now. I don't hold grudges. If anyone asked, I'd tell them, "No problem." 

What has been your lamest Halloween costume?

Well, a couple years ago, I tried to find a pair of overall jeans that I used to wear in, like, middle school. But I couldn't find them anywhere. I had to order them off a farmer website online. And buying stuff online sucks. I called them up and they don't know what the hell they are talking about. They aren't farmers. I wanted to do the Criss Cross thing, but the pants were so big and baggy. I ordered a 32, but they fit like a 42! So, I had to go to an Army/Navy store and buy a lumberjack-style black and red flannel shirt, and I went out as a farmer. My best costume, though--I don't know if you're going to ask me, but...My best costume was last year when my two best friends--one from Georgia and one from Boston--came to New York City for Halloween--they come every year--and we went out at the Intergalactic Beastie Boys. We had LED lights on our shirts and construction hats and everything. 

What's one thing you're really scared of?

Finding a woman that will love me for me and have kids while I am still a DJ. I'm a Cancer. I'm a sweetheart. It's just the matter of finding the right girl--I meet girls all the time, but they don't want to get serious. They just see me as someone who DJs all night and parties. 

Join DJ Martial at The Rivington on Saturday night.