Deity Hosts Afterparty for BAM's Persephone
Julia Stiles stars and Mick Boogie spins at the Brooklyn hotspot

October 26 marked the debut of the Brooklyn Acadaemy of Music's presentation of Persephone, the classic Greek myth, staring Julia Stiles, as part of their Next Wave Festival. To celebrate the kick-off, the cast, crew and friends sauntered their way down to Deity, the bi-level, allegorically themed downtown Brooklyn hotspot, where appetizers and drinks were provided, as well as a crowd-pleasing, top-40 fueled DJ set by Mick Boogie in the lower level of the venue.

"There were lot of nerves, but it was very fun," said star Julia Stiles, clad in a long, pomergranate-red dress, putting down her drink on the bar, tugging at the sides of her outfit.  "I'm glad to be part of the whole performance. It's such an honor to be performing at the Harvey Theatre. I was standing on stage today, saying, 'You guys have no idea who has performed here!'"

Coming onto the cast of Dexter for the 2010 season, Stiles makes a clear distinction in performing in something like Persephone, rather than a film or television show. "It's a lot more physical to perform on stage, than preparing for film [like on Dexter]," she said. "You can always be much more relaxed on film and television. On theatre you can't stop. I learned this show in four days...but we did it."

Full of drink and hors d'eorves, the crowd crept down to the lower level of Deity, where DJ Mick Boogie kept the crowd shaking until the end of the event with a consistent buzz and bump of tunes gassed-up with top 40 hits and hip-hop classics, rocking the crowd back and forth with their hands in the air, eyes closed, smiling. 

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All photos courtesy of Deity NYC