Gary Spencer: The Beginning of David McAlmont
Is that Sexy Slang or Cockney Slang ?

Hello Gang!

Well its been quite a week here in Spencerland !

 think what I would like to do with this week's article is spend most of it talking about the amazing visit to New York from British Vocalist David McAlmont, yeah thats what I would like to do, but I know that you want to hear about much more than that, so lets get the nightlife stuff out of the way, and then we will get back to Mr Mc.

As you may or may not know I'm involved with a marketing company called Royale Marketing and before I could go out partying last week, myself and  my colleagues were hastily preparing our new website before our big splash which was to be the new Friday night party at AJNA on Little West 12th St in the Meatpacking District. With the website up and running it was time to head out and have a bit of a laugh, and what better place to start than with -

Sexy Slang is the brilliant idea from Christi Smith Scofield.  was invited along to their "Bedroom Challenges" book launch at Arlo and Esme's on 1st and 1st in the East Village to take a look at what all the fuss was about and I wasn't the only one, it was packed solid. Christi and her husband Ted were on top form and also while I was there I bumped into Lori Cheek who I know from the Empire Rooftop when she threw a Cheek'd  party there back in the Summer.  Which reminds me, have you been Cheek'd?

After a few swift Jackie D's, I had to get over to our Friday night opening at AJNAformerly known as Buddha Bar.  I made it there by about 10:30 and the place was already rocking, AJNA is really a beautiful Lounge /Bar/ Restaurant and everything from the decor to the service and especially the DJ was perfect. So many people turned up I didn't know where to go next, so I ended doing my usual and found a table and let people come and find me, which not many did as they were too busy dancing! 

Saturday, Sunday and Monday night I was locked into the vocal genius of David McAlmont, who was playing New York, amazingly for the first time.  This is a story in itself, so tune in.

Sometime in the early 90's I cant really remember as most of that time was a bit of a Blur for me no, pun intended Mr. Albarn and I shuttled along to The Royal Albert Hall in London to see Cyndi Lauper. I never get to gigs early, but on this night for some reason I did, and so was there in time for the support act, who happened to be David McAlmont. David's songs and especially his amazing vocals impressed me so much I then travelled to Cambridge three days later just to see him again. 16 years on and a few mutual friends later I got a whisper that David was coming to New York to play Norwood , Rockwood Music Hall and Boutique Eat Shop along with a long time friend of his, pianist Guy DaviesWell, It would have been rude not to ask him to participate in my weekly 5 questions in 5 minutes, and so without me rabbiting on any longer, here's what David had to say .

GS - Your career has seen many ups and downs, why New York and why now?

DM - I believe in synchronicity and I believe in serendipity . Some friends of ours invited Guy and I over, and because of what's going in the UK with Guy and I at the moment we decided to play some shows here. Significantly I have only ever been to New York on my own but this time Im here with Guy and where Guy and I go, the music happens.

GS - Saturday night at Norwood and last night at Rockwood Music Hall you seemed to be much more comfortable than I have ever seen you, would you say that working with Guy Davies is the reason for that?

DM - Yeah, Guy's family.  Theres a blood family and there is family that you meet, and Guy has been my family from day one, and the relationship is musical. There is nothing but creative love flowing between what Guy and I do, and thats why it sounds so great and also why its so comfortable for me. The years that Guy and I were not working together I missed him like crazy in a creative way, I love him as a friend, of course, but musically he's the person who knows.

GS - Do you feel that your talent has not been recognised as much as it maybe should have?

DM -Ummm, yeah i do, I think It has been recognised . I recognition from the things I've done and not so much from the things I have. I've had top 40 records, top 10 records, worked with some of the worlds finest musicians and film composers, so I cant really complain about where my creativity has taken me at all.

GS - How do you see the next 12 months, what's the plan?

DM - To play to as many people as possible, have my picture taken with as many fans as possible, become a stronger singer , and to bring light, love and music into the lives of the needy.

GS - Is this the renaissance of David McAlmont?

DM - This is the beginning of David McAlmont , David McAlmont has been absent until now.

David McAlmont and Guy Davies play will be playing dates in the UK in the coming few months and will be returning to New York early next year.

I, meanwhile, will be back next week

Until then
Be Safe