G is for Glamour
You want sophistication? Then have it!

New Year's Eve is all about style, sophistication, and of course, Glamour.  On the biggest party night of the year, glamorous faces, outfits, venues and celebrity style are all the buzz during December.  Check out our top three picks for "Most Glamorous" this New Year's Eve in New York City.

1.  RdV (aka Rendezvous): Nestled under Bagatelle, RdV is one of New York's City's most sophisticated nightlife venues.  The decadent decor and upholstered seating illustrates a rendezvous between yesteryear and the modern nightlife scene.  This is a dress to impress velvet rope, so don't skimp on the outfit, especially this New Year's Eve.

2.  Empire Room: Situated on the first floor of the world-famous Empire State Building on 34th Street in Midtown Manhattan, Empire Room is the best of glamorous, upscale lounges.  If you are looking for an intimate night on the town, old-NYC style, Empire Room is where you will find harmony with a drink in hand.

3.  The Griffin: Glamour and The Gilded Age, the perfect framework for an exquisite New Year's Eve.  Griffin is style encapsulated in ritzy architecture with a full-service bar and world-class staff.  This is where New Year's Eve began its history as a night of revelry and that will not change this year.

Glamour.  The epicenter of New York City nightlife.  As New Year's approaches, we recommend you start planning your outfit now.  It would be quite awful to let the girl behind you in line trump your evening gown.