High Society Host Tinsley Mortimer

You've seen her on High Society and around New York City. Now you get your once in a lifetime chance to see Tinsely Mortimer up close and personal at Pier 92 on Halloween Eve. As Joonbug hosts the largest Halloween party in NYC, Tinsley Mortimer shares a little bit about her Halloween favorites to give you a sneak preview of the night.

Who is your favorite movie villain and why?

If you had to pick one of the seven dwarfs to dress up as for Halloween which one would you choose and why?
Steve Powers Live at Slate
Spending your Halloween at Slate? You are in for a world class DJ experience with celebrity DJ Steve Powers. Check out what Steve has to say about his style and quirks! What shows do you TiVo?

What did you buy after hitting it big and getting that first big paycheck?

What would you talk to about with a cabbie?

What ghosts do you wish you could talk to?

This is easy. First is my Mom, then Jim Morrison, and lastly Bruce L.

Steve Powers will spin the best sounds for your exclusive Halloween at Slate so be sure to get your tickets now before they are gone!

DJ Martial Spins The Rivington Right Round
On Halloween Eve, DJ Martial will be spinning the celebrity-filled Rivington Hotel at one of Joonbug's hottest parties. Check out what makes DJ Martial tick... If you could carry one person around in your pocket all day, who would it be?

Well, I'm pretty crazy. And I have a crazy best friend who lives in Los Angeles. I've known him for 17 years, so if I had him in my pocket all day, I'd be dead right now! But I'd have to say my brother. He's older than me, and has three kids, but he took me to a rave in 1993 or 1994, and right after that I asked my mom to get me turntables. It would have to be him; he went from this partier to a straight up dork. I'd want to show him how crazy my life is.

Tonight Take a Break from Costume Shopping to Support a Great Cause

I know you all are wracking your brain trying to decide which of Joonbug's awesome Halloween parties to attend. Take a little break from all the Halloween madness and come support an amazing charity, the Orange Giraffe Project (OGP). OGP is dedictated to helping to improve the lives of those living with cancer and those touched by the cancer community through the creative outlet of jewelry making. Through this they seek to promote awareness of the arts and wellness. Every year the OGP hosts a design competition where creatives explore various methods of jewelry creation spanning from traditional jewelry making techniques to wearable art made of unconventional materials.

The Village Halloween Parade 2010

It all started in 1973 when a mask maker/puppeteer went from house to house to visit his friends. Today the 38th annual Village Halloween Party is the nation's largest public Halloween event. To watch the parade, simply line up along Sixth Ave. anywhere between Spring St. to 16th St. The parade officially kicks off at 7:00 p.m., but it's recommended that you show up early as the streets will be crowded.

Feel like being in the parade? Anyone with a costume can participate. Just show up on Sixth Ave. between Spring and Broome Streets between 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. and join the thousands of New Yorkers as they make the trek up Sixth Ave.

Micah Jesse Hosts Halloween Party at Capitale

Celebrity host Micah Jesse, a favorite of the New York social scene and a regular face on the red carpet, will be host to Joonbug's 9th Annual Halloween Party at Capitale.

If you were going to dress up like food on Halloween, what food would you be?

I would dress up as a Peach, obviously, because I'm the "Georgia Peach, in the Big Apple!"

Halloween Hysteria Hits LIV

Halloween might be synonymous with pumpkins and goblins, but in Miami it means one thing; an excuse to dress up while partying. And in the nightlife capital of the South, the celebration continues all week long. What better place to celebrate the #1 party week of the year than at the #1 club on the beach with some of the worlds top DJs spinning house and open format?

Wednesday October 27, Dirty Hairy presents Riva Starr, easily one of the hottest DJs of modern house at present, alongside resident DJs Ross One, Contra, and Jessica Who. Starr’s music is an eclectic mix of genres and world influences.

DJ Lindsay Luv Heats Up The West Coast

Within only 6 months since bringing her NY flavor to Hollywood, DJ Lindsay Luv has been popping up in the press as the DJ favorite among Tinsletown's hottest stars and at hotspots like Mondrian Skybar, Las Palmas, TeaRoom, HWood, XIV and more. Celebs like Carmello Anthony, Muse, Mel B, Marina and the Diamonds, Susan Sarandon, the casts of The Bachelorette and The Hills have all reportedly dropped in the see Lindsay spin, and PEOPLE Magazine just reported today that Britney Spears even hit up the Mondrian Skybar for Luv's set!

Aside from spinning for top celebs, Lindsay Luv has been busy at work with some major brands

The Hunt

The Far Hills Race Meeting, or “The Hunt,” as it is referred to is the social event of the season for upper crust NJ residents. This past Saturday, October 23rd over 50,000 people packed into Range Rovers and made their way onto the Moorland Farm grounds; the excuse for the event-horses, the primary concern however is drunken debauchery.

I grew up right down the road from the event, oh the joys of living the jaded life of a Somerset County kid. We weren’t keeping up with the Jones’ we were keeping up with the Forbes. The Hunt is the social event of the year for us kids, we grew up with it watching our parents get absolutely bombed, and so the torch is passed on.