It's Your Fault. No, It's Your Fault!

Perhaps this past week in nightlife has given us yet another clue as to what our industry does when something goes terribly wrong. I reported earlier in the week on the death of 17 year old Nicole Johns, daughter of an American ambassador, child socialite. As the trail leading up to her death from the 25th floor of a skyscraper in Herald Square led us through her footsteps back to the velvet rope at Tenjune, the city and the blogging world began to buzz about who let her in, who let her drink, who gave her her fake, and who, just who in the world could get this child so drunk in New York City.

District 36 Announces Opening on September 17

The highly anticipated announcement from District 36 has finally come. The opening event for the new 36th Street nightclub will be on September 17, 2010, perfectly timed with the culmination of Fashion Week in New York City. Featuring Adam Beyer and Ida Engberg, the opening night promises to be one of nightlife's most exclusive red carpet evenings.

Go to Sleep in New York, Wake Up Next To Tiger

Thousands of people call New York home, hundred flock here every day whether by course or force. New Yorkers better get ready cause there's a newbie in town. According to the Daily News, there's a tiger among us.

Free Drinks Are Tastier

Our friends at Hudson Terrace tell us they are in the running to be a featured wedding venue on The Today Show's Modern Love Wedding!

Every year, NBC's The Today Show plans a wedding for a lucky couple. This year Hudson Terrace has been nominated as one of the wedding venues.

Gettin High

Rooftops aren't just for the New Yorker. Los Angeles also boasts some of the best roof top views. The drinks flow, the scene varies from roof to roof, but wherever you go, you're sure to be in the know with this list of spots...

Social Life Magazine Hosts September Cover Party At Covet

Wife of Howard Stern and TV personality Beth Ostrosky Stern will be celebrated at this month's Social Life Magazine gala at Covet Lounge on Wednesday September 1, 2010 from 6pm-9pm. Editor-In-Chief Devorah Rose invites you to join in this September issue event with complimentary cocktails at this exclusive Midtown lounge.

Miley Was Right, It's Definitely The Climb

If you are looking for an easy, relaxing work out, then pole dancing is not for you. As the pole dancing gods would have it, my inner stripper has already been exercised at previous classes. Not because it's my secret professional aspiration, but becase it's a great workout, a good time, and I appreciate it's assitance in the bedroom. So, assuming the motto, "you can never take too many pole dancing classes," I decided to head over to The Secret Pole Dance Studio when they held Apppreciation Night last Friday.

The Flower Girls

The initial impression of the name August Bloom is it must be a man behind the high end floral designs. After all, the name August is definitely male. The second object of note would be the cute use of Bloom in the title; surely it isn't a coincidence that his last name is so closely in synch with botany. But both assumptions would be incorrect. Started after an impromptu floral design class, high school mates, Malaika Martin, Ruckiya Ross, and Quinn Flores, decided to take their love of event planning and flowers to create August Bloom. The name came from their favored and shared birthday month. They paired it with Bloom and the business was born.


Hollywood loves a reason to party and they do it like no other. The 2010 Emmys aired this past Sunday and the night was star filled as the celebs took to the streets, exercising their right to celebrate. As usual, Joonbug knows who was where and what they were up to. Who was caught canoodling, who got shut down? Read it all here:

Tom Hanks, Kathy Griffin Alexander Skarsgard, Larry David, Ricky Gervais, and Jenny McCarthy flocked to the Pacific Design Center to mix, mingle and be merry. Lauren Graham and ex boyfriend Matthew Perry canoodled at the bar. Wonder if a rekindle is aflame. Emmanuelle Chriqui got a half hour worth of chit chat with Glee's Matthew Morrison before he bailed to talk to someone better. Don't know what he was thinking. Or maybe we do.

A Friendly Reminder that Beauty is Pain

While doing a bit of fashion week shopping, I decided to pop into one of my favorite little SoHo galleries, Ward-Nasse. I usually find it quite difficult to settle my eyes on any one thing; the place is tiny and jam packed with interesting art that covers almost every inch of wall and floor space. My ADD took a break long enough for me to focus my attention on the latest works by mixed-media artist Amanda Dolan entitled "Dess Up". Now if you aren't familiar with Amanda, she is eccentric and original in both her artistry and her wardrobe choices. She uses a signature collage technique with papers, photocopies, paint, resin and a whole lot of pink. Although this time 'round, the collection was much darker, not so much in color but more-so in theme ( think less rainbows and more bondage). I'm talking about corsets dripping with blood, gagged women and torture devices mixed with illustrations of vintage shoes and measuring tapes. But it is quite amazing how much less vulgar these images can be when painted in pastels.