New Sky Room Opens And Is Looking For A In-House Photographer

598 Broadway (at Houston)

6th Floor

New York, New York 10012

When: Wednesday, April 14th, 
4pm - 6pm

The Sky Room, a new nightlife venture from The Gehr Group set to open late this spring, will boast a 360-degree view of Manhattan and the Hudson River from the city's highest rooftop lounge. Occupying the 33rd and 34th of the Marriott Fairfield Inn and Suites Times Square, the bi-level ultra lounge will transport guests to a high energy oasis atop 40th Street and offer five distinct spaces: the Times Square Lounge, the Cube balcony, the Private Salon, the North terrace with its retractable roof, and the South Terrace with its private cabanas.

Tao Beach Director Gets Ordained and Ready for the Summer Party Season

Tao has come up with an ingenious idea, and a great way of setting its pool parties apart from all the other wet ‘n wild summer events.

Everyone has gone to one of those parties where they did something they regret. I mean, this is Sin City, for chrissakes! These transgressions are to be expected. But what if you could party and be pardoned at the same time?

That's one of the ideas behind Tao Beach's new Sunday Sunset Sessions party. Tao Beach director and the freshly ordained Reverend Marklen Kennedy is now able to perform a variety of nondenominational ministerial duties including marriages and baptisms, courtesy of the Universal Life Church Monastery.

Stripper Bar: Where You Always Get A Shake With Your Meal

The much anticipated (and ogled) Stripper Bar is finally open!

Located in Planet Hollywood's Miracle Mile Shops, Stripper Bar is a boobs-in-your-face restaurant/museum/school/bar stripper oasis.

Before entering the first and only bar "run by strippers," patrons have to walk through the legs of a 31-foot-tall custom-built Stripper, dubbed Sin City Sindy by owner/designer David Saxe. There will even be a hidden "crotch cam" to take pictures of curious customers sneaking a glace up Sindy's skirt. Who could ask for a better souvenir?

Reggae Nights at the Aruba

At some point, while cruising North down Las Vegas Boulevard, the flashy neon cainos transform into a dark collage of seemingly abandoned hotels, seedy sex shops and Elvis Presley wedding chapels. But, hidden amongst this disheveled Vegas backdrop is the Aruba Hotel and Spa.

The hotel appears to be empty on the outside, but inside it thrives every Saturday night on the powerful energy of dancehall music. From 11 p.m. to 5 a.m., Aruba's legendary Thunderbird Lounge hosts a party filled with the heart pounding sounds of Reggae, calypso and soca island music.

Bartenders on the Rise

Boston Bartenders on the Rise
280 Green Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

Any event whose centrifugal force is excellent cocktails could easily be a hole-in-one, but Drinkboston's Bartenders on the Rise event truly rose to the occasion and showcased inventive cocktails as well as the talent behind them.

On this dark rainy Sunday night, it would have been easy to pass right by Green Street, and never know of the lively and cozy party that was inside. Marked only by a small fluorescent sign and some retro Budweiser signage, a Green Street virgin such as myself would never have guessed that the interior could have been so refined and pretty. Before taking a single sip, it was instantly clear that the guest bartenders (as they were being called,) were actually more like co-hosts, as each one seemed to have a hand in every aspect of the party. As the talent popped back and forth from behind the bar, mingled with the crowd, and happily saw to the distribution of welcome punch, it was clear that this was not simply a crew of folks who happened to make a decent drink, but rather a group of people who had genuine love for what they do. Having experience in the service industry myself, I was extremely interested to know what it was that had influenced this refreshing and uncommon bar love.

Supreme Style at the I Want Now Fashion Event

Last Thursday evening, Joonbug.com along with a stunning Adrienne Bailon hosted a glamorous evening of cocktails and fashion at the illustrious Tenjune nightclub in the Meatpacking District. The evening began with a one-hour open bar, tiny treats by Baked By Melissa, and a red carpet event emceed by celebrity blogger Micah Jesse. Jesse's effervescent personality lit up the scene as guests began to arrive for their moment of fame in front of a swarm cameras and flashes from around the room. Caridee English, winner of Cycle Seven of America's Next Top Model, worked the lower level of Tenjune with a fierce blonde mohawk and four inch designer pumps. Several other ANTM alumni were there to work the runway, including Laura, Lulu, Ashley and Jennifer from Cycle 13. As guests began to fill up the dance floor and runway, eyes shifted to the models clad in the latest apparel and accessories from AZU Tees, Recession Denim, 2enlight10 by Regine Basha, and many more. New York based apparel company Dollhouse supplied the trendy and towering heels for the catwalk, bringing with them over 200 gift bags filled with fun treats, including an AZU tee, Vitamin Water, and RAMY Pure Water Cleansing Mousse, ensuring that every guest left happy, healthy and beautiful.

3 Ring Thursdays: Come One, Come All

Whatever you usually do with your Thursday nights, it won't come close to the circus of debauchery you could be getting into at 3 Ring Thursdays, a weekly pre-game extravaganza dreamt up by the masterminds behind Johnny Utah's Monday Night Party - Matt Assante, Dustin Terry and Bobby Rossi.

Premiering this April Fool's Day at Carnival, 3 Ring Thursdays promises to rile up your inner snake charmer while unveiling this vaudeville-dipped-in-booze spectacular that's taking the city by the tusks and luring it deep within the tents of the bizarre. Lacquer up with liquor from their carnival-themed drink menu, douse your inner-child with uninhibited liberation while throwing baseballs at stacked milk bottles, or hit the dance floor like an uncaged tiger while letting loose to the music of DJ Steve Powers.

One Habit That Helps

Remember The Flying Nun? That was strange, right?

Well, how about drag queen nuns? Where exactly does that land on the nuns and weirdness scale?

The Sin Sity Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence don't care what you think of their drag nun fun, as long as you're open to helping their cause (and no, it's not a grease and glitter fundraiser).

They are a community devoted organization who work together to help those who can't help themselves and in the past two years, the Sin Sity Sisters have raised approximately $200,000 for its Sisters AIDS Drug Assistance Program (SADAP).

Eduardo Cordova: I am Redefining Gay Nightlife for All of Us

Last Saturday, more than 1,800 people achieved nirvana at the opening of Heaven, Eduardo Cordova's new creation. For one night each weekend, Bare Pool at the Mirage transforms into an outdoor nightclub with a rotating selection of superstar DJs and celebrities appearances. This past week, resident DJs the Perry Twins and performers from O and Le Reve decked out only in Speedos provided some eye candy and entertainment for the party's opening. And though the party is catered towards the LGBT crowd, it's "Rated E for everyone."

Picture Perfect: A Night at the Gardner

When I think of museums, several conflicting notions come to mind: 1) museums are filled with beautiful, priceless works of art, 2) I don't know what makes priceless works of art so special, 3) everything is cold, sterile, and reminds me of the hospital and 4) I am not allowed to touch anything. This is not to suggest that I don't appreciate visual art but, to my mind, museums are places best loved by minimalists and the obsessive-compulsive.

However, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is not like any other museum.
When it opened back in 1903, the namesake of the ISGM had specially designed the building (a three-storey Venetian-style palace called Fenway Court) to house her beloved collection and share with the public her passion for the arts. Every inch of the place carries on Gardner's name and the exact arrangement of artwork she originally intended. Like most museums, nothing in the ISGM has been moved for over a century (with the exception of that one time, you know, during the heist). But unlike its colleagues, the Gardner makes you feel as though you've been invited into someone's house for a few drinks and a look at some art. It just happens to be a really nice house with really nice art.