Weekend Picks: Saturday At The Anchor

When you think downtown hip, The Anchor fits every common conception to the T, and then some. The Anchor is a trendy, alluring bar on the lower West side of Manhattan commonly frequented by the glamorous, rich, and famous--we're talking the likes of Kanye West, LeBron James, and Jay-Z here. Besides having a laundry list of celebrity clientele, The Anchor is also well known for being the site of many professional events for big names like HBO, Showtime, MoMa, TED, Google, Sony, and more.

Weekend Pick: Saturdays at Rumor

On Saturday nights, Space Entertainment likes to transform Rumor's party space into a naughty place of sinister, sexy fun. Come on in, check your coat and your inhibitions at the door, because Saturdays at Rumor are all about giving in to your musical fantasies. Let it all go on the dancefloor as DJs Roger - M and Jose Cotes hit you with all the hottest Latin and House music you can dance too.

Make sure to get your name on the "TOP List" guest list to get a reduced cover price before midnight. Come on over to the dark side of life and party it up at Boston's trendiest Theatre District nightclub, Rumor this Saturday night.

When: Saturday, April 12th, 11pm

Where: Rumor, 100 Warrenton St., Boston, MA

Weekend Pick: Will Sparks at Prime

The Australian takeover of Prime this weekend continues with Will Sparks on Saturday night. It seems only right that the young producer behind the fattest remix of 'Hello' by the Stafford Brothers, who are playing Friday night, be the one to follow them up with an even bigger and badder performance. As one of the most premiere dance music venues in town, Prime's nightclub occupies the third, fourth, and fifth floors of Umbria Prime, Boston's best and most delicious classic steakhouse. Combine prime cuts of beef with a heavy dose of Melbourne Bounce, and you have a recipe for delicious, bass filled success.

April 3rd Debut of House Party at Webster Hall Is Huge Success

Judging by the party’s debut, it’s safe to say that House Party is NYC’s hottest new weekly Hip Hop event. The impressive line outside the entrance to Webster Hall was filled with excited energy. These people came to party. Once inside, it was easy to be overwhelmed with where to begin your night: House Party is a massive event with amazing music in every room, taking up four levels of Webster Hall and each with its own distinct flavor.

In the Bandit’s Basement, DJ Sliink & Dirty South Joe hosted a packed room with Brenmar and Tim Dolla on the decks. Both had the room jumping with Trap and Club bangers. In true House Party fashion, the basement was truly the spot to dance and listen to some filthy, underground tracks you may never hear on the radio.

Weekend Pick: Cocodrills at Underbar

The Cocodrills, Christian "Pridef" Diaz and Adam Cruz, are one of those DJ/producer teams that pride themselves on being unique, not just because of their tremendous tech-house production techniques, but also because they put on one hell of a show. Saturday night at the ultra aquatic Underbar, dive headfirst into the deep blue sea and get lost in the feel-good vibes, funky grooves, and free-for-all fun that is partying with the Cocodrills.

Weekend Pick: Stafford Brothers at Prime

Australian DJ duo Matt and Chris Stafford have become big names in the house music community since hitting the scene with their Cash Money Records release, 'Hello.' Having crushed it working with big names like Lil Wayne, Lil Jon, and Christina Milian, the Stafford Brothers now have their sights set on doing #SomethingBIG at Prime in Boston this Friday night. Prime's nightclub occupies the third, fourth, and fifth floors of Umbria Prime, Boston's best and most delicious classic steakhouse. After dinner, the Stafford Brothers want to know, 'Are You Ready' for dessert?

When: Friday, April 11th, 10pm

Weekend Pick: Newly Opened Bar, The Garret

A bar above a burger joint? Sure, it might sound a bit odd at first, but one trip to The Garret, and you’ll never question that notion again.

Perched atop a Five Guys, located on 296 Bleecker St., The Garret occupies an intimate and artistic second floor loft space unlike anything you'd expect. Contrary to the scattered peanut shells and delicious burger smell of the restaurant below, upstairs is an ornate venue with a vibe that is equal parts classy and lively.

It's Springtime in Beantown

Okay Bostonians, time to think spring. The beloved season is now upon us, and it is up to each one of us to enjoy it to the max. Make some exciting memories and spectacular plans as you embrace every opportunity with an open mind. Springtime in Boston is the perfect setting to let go of wintertime blues, refresh and rejuvenate, and above all...live it up!

With our awesome list of activities to add to your bucket list this season, you will start to enjoy spring in no time! Joonbug’s lineup of fun will have you fully prepared to welcome this season to one of the most amazing cities in the world.

Experience Festival Life Every Wednesday at Wonderbar

Skip the bros, the tank tops, and the hordes of elite partiers dancing just so you can see them flex. Skip the overpriced drinks, the pretentious club’s hour long entrance line and the seventeen year old kandi kids who extoll the virtues of “PLUR” as they shove past you on their way to grinding on the nearest muscly figure in the front of the crowd. Many frustrated fans wait until festival season to escape to the remote locations of Electric Forest and Camp Bisco to avoid the ever-growing “EDM” phenomenon. However, a few have been fortunate enough to find the local equivalent of these festivals, converging on Allston’s Wonderbar each week for Boston’s Wobble Wednesdays.