Austin City Limits Oct. 8-10: Get Your Festie On

Well Joonbuggers, it's that time again, Festie time! This time we are preparing for Austin City Limits. This is one of my favorite festivals of the year, not only because Austin is home, but also because it might be one of the most musically diverse. We are seeing some of our electronic, oldies, Texas country and pop favies this year. Here is what we were looking most forward to.

If you missed our ultimate preparation guide for a festival, please click here to get the scoop on how to get you and your group ready for a weekend of music.

Lollapalooza: Sunday Recap

The Sunday Snapshot:

The festival set-up, sound and acoustics, as well as operations were extremely professional. It's obvious they have done this before. I loved how they had two stages by each other with back-to-back shows. I parked it at the Budweiser/Playstation stages for most of the weekend due to the line up, but it was incredible to see 10,000 people stacked to see the headliners on the BMI stage. Kudos Lolla.

Sunday Musical Delights & Awards:

Chiddy Bang: Award for Band Best Listened on a CD. I was personally pumped to see Chiddy play. My friends produce their music videos and I have been rocking to their cool remixes/raps for a bit now. Think, Girl Talk meets Drake for their vibe. I was sadly disappointed in the live bit, but I still like them a lot. But the electronic Perry’s stage was a sick addition to the festival. We would be visiting again.

Lollapalooza: Saturday Recap

Here is what we loved most about Saturday at Lollapalooza 2010. I wish I was still there!

In addition to the green scene at Grant Park, there were some really cool sponsorship and brand presence situations in the mix. Toyota was giving away cold bandanas and headbands (much needed with the hot temperatures). They always had a line to their tent, which I’m sure got them some good exposure. Another great sponsor was the water filling stations; I know I spent a lot of time here. AOL provided free WiFi, for those of us working during the festival, this was clutch. A fun one was the Q101 Hammock Station, where you could actually take a break and lay in the hammocks for a bit. It’s always enjoyable to see brands and companies giving out products and services that are super beneficial to the festival goer. Giving a consumer something they can really use during the weekend is really going to stand out for marketing purposes.

Lollapalooza: Friday Recap

Completely pumped for this festival, Lollapalooza managed to blow me away. Not only with the talent they had this year, but as an event planner, I was even more impressed with the set-up and operations they had in place. If you missed our live Tweets from the festival here are some tasty tidbits from the weekend. Catch us tomorrow for Saturday's recap:


We arrived in Chicago around 7am from New York, took a nap, and proceeded to the event around 4pm. Other than grabbing my media pass (which was like a mile away from the entrance) I was immediately impressed.

The Ultimate Preparation List for Lollapalooza 2010

I don’t know about you, but festivals are my favorite time of the year. They are better than Christmas, 4th of July and St. Patrick’s Day rolled into one. It’s 3 days of non-stop live music, dirty fields, and best friends. Here are some tips on how to prepare for such a special weekend.

  • Buy tickets: You usually have to buy the tickets before the line-up is announced. This is a gamble, but the musical sound of each festival stays about the same and the headliners change up. So check last year’s line up to see if this is the festival for you.
  • Find friends to go with you: Now, you have to choose who you take wisely. They must LOVE music like you do. If not, they are just going to be the annoying person there not having fun. I also tend to stay away from people who get entirely too wasted (you don’t want to have to leave early), or people with small bladders (I prefer to spend as much time away from port-o-potties as possible).
  • Once line-up is announced, you make your schedule: Since my friends and I go to a couple of festivals a year, we have to be strategic on who we see. Obviously seeing the most bands is the key. This year we took the Lollapalooza & ACL schedules and compared (both festivals are produced by the same company so there was some overlap). This took a couple hours of planning, strategizing, & compromising. But we have a rocking schedule. Here is a taste of who we are seeing:
    • FRIDAY: Highlights include: The New Pornographers, Hot Chip, Black Keys, Matt & Kim, Jimmy Cliff, and of course Lady Gaga (I HAVE to see this in person).
    • SATURDAY: Rogue Wave, The XX, Grizzly Bear, Metric, Spoon, Cut Copy, & Green Day (I wanted Phoenix, but I lost).
    • SUNDAY: Chiddy Bang, Yeasayer, MUTEMATH, The National, Arcade Fire.
  • Research: I have found a lot of my favorite new bands by looking up bands I didn’t know on the festival line ups and listening online. My online music vessel of choice is Grooveshark.com because you can listen to the full songs for free online and are able to make play lists. I was also recommended Slacker.com; they have a Lollapalooza radio station. I assume they have other festivals as well. Once the band has been listened to I rank them on the schedule by a specially crafted color coding system, and add any really good ones to the schedule. We always go early and see some random stuff as well, why not. Ill be there early interviewing some bands… stay tuned for interviews after the festival.
  • Find mode of transportation & place to sleep: Fly or drive? We chose to road trip this one. 14 hour drive here we come – Lolla play list obviously made for the trip. Friends place to crash at, check.
  • Other essentials you need for a festival: sunscreen, blanket, camera, camera charger, phone charger (you do not want to get lost in there with a dead phone), cash, rain boots (in case of rain, trust me flip flops and mud are a nightmare), after party invites (if you are still standing).

This should set you up for your much anticipated weekend of musical delight. Hope to see you out there, if not I'll be sure to tell you all about it.

Black Keys @ Central Park Summer Stage

With my festie in tow (my best friend whom I attend all live shows and festivals with) we were off to the Central Park Summer Stage to see our obsession, The Black Keys. I have been listening to The Black Keys a little over a year now and think their whiskey, soulful, blues-rock duo-ness is incredible.

We got there around 6:30 p.m. and caught the end of the opening act, The Morning Benders. They were pretty chill and remind me of the new Blink 182 stuff. Wouldn’t pay to see them I don’t think. As we drank our wine and undercooked hamburgers (fail) we waited for the show to start, I noticed two things: 1. the beer lines were absurdly long, hence why we were drinking wine. (Come on concert planners, people that listen to the Black Keys drink beer, let’s get serious). 2. The crowd was not totally what I expected. I blame MTV for making them the featured band on the site a few weeks back. Also, maybe I just don’t give the mass public credit for listening to real music when all you hear is Ke$ha on the radio (vom).